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 New Products Available
For our Home Wine and Beer Brewers!

Wine Cellar Express

Wine Cellar Express  is the only patented discovery that miraculously “ages your wine to perfection” in 30 or less minutes!

The Wine Cellar Express dramatically reduces the harsh, bitter tannins generally present in young, red wines. The magnetic field “softens” or reduces these tannins in much the same way that aging a wine for several years would eventually accomplish. By utilizing only the coaster, what took years, takes only 30 or less minutes. In just moments your wine is softer, silkier, unmasking luscious layers of fruit flavors. Young, tight wines “open up”, the aroma goes from negligible to noseworthy, revealing the true character in each bottle.

The Wine Cellar Express has been critically acclaimed by renowned wine critics, wine educators, connoisseurs, various media and winemakers, making it an ingenious invention by Jacqueline Peiffer.

The Wine Cellar Express has an attractive sleek curved wood design to blend beautifully on any tabletop setting. Available in natural wood grain or brushed aluminum finish.

Wine Degasser

  • Three Prong Whip
  • Easily degas wine or beer
  • Fits in all size carboy



(Currently Out of Stock)
Ever have a hard time cleaning carboys after you’ve made beer with your special recipe of your very own milled grains??
Beer makers will LOVE this new 26.5 L Carboy , with its large “mouth” making it easy to clean !!
FerMonster alone $47.50+tax or
Complete with Drilled Bung and Air Lock $51.50+tax

Turbo Brush

Easily Clean all your carboys with the TURBO BRUSH …. Works Great!! Attaches to your drill and in no time carboys are sparkling clean!!!  



Small Bottle Drainer

Ever try to drain your bottles on a hard counter top. This handy little product does not take up a lot of room and can help prevent a disaster.
nly $6.25+tax


Award Winning

    • Shatterproof/Dishwasher Safe!
    • Nose and Taste of Crystal Glasses
    • Rib side for no-slip, easy grip
    • No Shipping cost
      Available for pickup right here at X-Cel Wines
      Excellent Christmas or anytime gift!
Only $24.98



for a set of 4!

Bag your wine?
Sure we can!!
Ask us how.



Also Exclusive to X-Cel Wines

Our Award Winning
Chocolate Raspberry Twist
& Apple Pie
Call (519) 882-1121 for more information or Come in to see how you can make your own custom wines.

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Reverse Osmosis Water

That’s Right!
Only  $2.50 per
5 Gallons Refill!

And if that is not good enough,
put on a kit of wine and get a
5 gallon water refill for FREE!

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