Wedding Wine Packages

 At X-Cel  Wines we understand the potential stress of planning a wedding.  Let us assist you in making this part enjoyable.  We offer free wedding wine consultations. If you’re not sure, we will help you pick out exactly which wines will suit your tastes and which wedding wine packages will serve you and your guests the best.


Call to schedule your Free wedding wine consultation.

Packages start at $189* and include wine, processing, bottles, custom labels, shrinks and taxes.
(* prices vary to accommodate your choice of 4,6 or 8 week wines and are subject to change without notice.)

Wedding Selection #1
On The House, Niagara Mist, Island Mist,
or Orchard Breezin wines
(4 week Ferment)
Cost is $189.00= $6.30 per bottle

Wedding Selection #2
Vineco Org Series (4 week Ferment)
Cost is $199.00 = $6.63 per bottle

Wedding Selection #3
Cru International Wines (5 Week Ferment)
Cost is $229.00 = $7.63 per bottle

Wedding Selection #4
Vineco Estate Series, Cru Select (6 Week Ferment)
Cost is $253.00 = $8.43 per bottle

Wedding Selection# 5
Vineco Select, Passport Series ,Winery Series (8 Week Ferment)
Cost is $283.00 =$9.43 per bottle

All Batches Include Choice of Wine from Selected Wine Package, Shrinks, Wraps, Bottles and Labels* (from template)
(*labels with a photo are an extra $30.00)

Wedding Testimonials 
We wanted to say thank you for your helping in preparing the wine for the kids wedding. All 4 wines were a hit!!! We ordered 3 batches of Chardonnay, 1 batch Torreno, 1 peach, 1 blueberry lemon. 200 guests for dinner. All was drank during dinner and throughout the evening except 30 bottles of the Chardonnay. Absolutely will refer our friends and family to X-Cel Wines for your knowledge, service and fantastic wines!!              –  Anita D.

When my husband and I were deciding to get married, one of the things that mattered most to us was having really great wine for our dinner and reception. X-Cel Wines did not disappoint. The process of ordering and bottling wine was extremely easy and efficient thanks to Danielle. We ordered 150 bottles for our wedding last October (2017). The guests could not stop talking about how great our wine selection was. It was extremely affordable and I will now have a constant supply of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose (Raspberry Dragonfruit) from X-Cel Wines on our wine rack.

Thank you for making this part of wedding planning so simple and affordable.                                                                                                                             -Erika & Kyle

Thanks for the wine X-Cel Wines!!! 
Everyone loved it!!!!


– Shawn & Sarah Platten